We missed Father’s Day while we were on honeymoon so we made sure to celebrate soon after our return. We had planned to go for Peking duck but the restaurant was booked for the night, a second choice had a long wait, and we ended up at ABC Chinese Restaurant ABC Chinese Restaurant. All because most of Chinatown doesn’t take reservations. There’s always a down side right.

It ended up being a pretty average Cantonese style restaurant, with a standard menu, nothing exciting but nothing bad either. We started with a Beef and Egg Drop Soup, which was a tad too salty, but everyone was so hungry, we devoured it.

beef egg drop

Beef with Chinese Broccoli was tasty but oily, common of Cantonese food.

beef and chinese broccoli

Salt and Pepper Shrimp is a bit different here. These were completely shelled, coated, and fried. The coating was so light and crispy. The shrimp were perfectly cooked, had snap, and were very meaty. This was Lon’s favorite dish of the night. The shrimp were very good, but he loved the fried vermicelli, jalapenos, and fried shallots underneath.

salt and pepper shrimp

The sliced conch didn’t have much flavor in this dish, but I liked the mushrooms, snow peas, and yellow chives. The conch was the point of the dish though, so without much flavor from that, it might as well have been a vegan plate.

cliced conch

Our waiter pulled our fish out of the tank and brought it over to my mother for approval. Our family usually gets the simple steamed preparation with scallion, ginger, and soy sauce. This is a great way to have such fresh fish, where the flavor of the fish itself is really highlighted.

fresh fish

Chicken and Salted Fish Fried Rice is probably my favorite version of fried rice. This one was nice and fluffy but average in flavor.

salty fish and chicken fried rice

Some Chinese restaurant give complimentary warm dessert soups at the end of the meal, and almost always, oranges. Most dessert soups are skimpy, with only a few beans, maybe a few tapioca, but this one was chunky, full of beans, tapioca, taro, barley, and maybe more. It wasn’t too sweet and I really enjoyed it.

dessert soup

Overall, the meal was too forgettable and I will probably forget I ever went there.
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