My friend Lily told me that she passed by a place with yogurt for 39 cents per ounce. I told Lon about it and he didn’t believe me. I realized that we were just a few steps away from it at Fish, so I went looking for the place after dinner, and there was Yogurtland Yogurtland. With several locations in California, this marks the first spot in New York and we welcome them.

The wall of self-serve yogurt machines is impressive, with way more flavors than Pinkberry, Red Mango, and Flurt. There’s mango, blueberry, strawberry, taro, green tea, cookies and cream, capuccino, and more. The capuccino, and cookies and cream flavors were just ok. I prefer these kinds of flavors in ice cream but the fruity flavors were quite good, blueberry being the clear winner.

The variety of toppings is also impressive with all the standards plus things like mochi, cheesecake, and red beans.

The best part is that you can have whatever you want in whatever quantity and just pay 39 cents per ounce. My yogurt came out to $2.17, an amount that would easily be $4 or more in the other yogurt places (which I consider rip offs). Keep in mind that the cup is really big. We are thinking the price will go up so try to hit them soon!

I realized after leaving that I didn’t try the plain, in order to do a comparison between Yogurtland and the other places, but I was overwhelmed with sampling all the flavors. BTW, they do let you sample before buying. I’ll have to go back to do a more thorough evaluation but for now, it’s worth trying for anyone since it’s so cheap, and definitely have the blueberry flavor.

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