I was replenishing my stock of Fage 2% (Greek strained yogurt) today and noticed Wallaby Organic Yogurt on sale. There’s so many new yogurts around, a good thing since our standard American brands don’t cut it for me, and since I tried Siggi’s Skyr (Icelandic style yogurt) last time, I figured I should give this Australian style yogurt a try as well.

I bought 4 flavors from their Organic lowfat line (I’m not into nonfat yogurt, you just need a little fat) and they were delicious. The flavors were very natural, which makes sense if you look at the clean ingredient list, and of course, organic is a plus. These yogurts are not as thick as Fage but certainly creamy with great mouth feel. They are less filling so they work as quick and healthy snacks. I do whole heartedly recommend them, at least the two flavors I’ve tried so far, Blueberry (like a smoothie) and Banana Vanilla (nice and light).

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