We just went to New Yeah Shanghai New Yeah Shanghai last night for my dad’s birthday. It was my favorite place for soup dumplings for a long time but the reign has ended. Sadly, the dough is now thicker, the meat a bit stiffer. The dough on the pork and chive dumplings has gotten too thick as well. The other dishes we got were mostly too salty but still meets the average Chinatown standard, which is pretty good. But in the end, without the super soup dumplings, Lon and I agreed, they were no longer special. You could eat anywhere in Chinatown for a similar meal.

We asked the host on our way out if the chef or owner had changed. He told us that the chef was the owner and nothing had changed. Perhaps it was a fluke but none of use were convinced that it was really the same place. All five of us noticed a difference and each of us had eaten here so many times.

Let’s take a moment of silence for the fallen soup dumplings.

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