We brought my mom to Sushi Yasuda this time and she loved every bite! No surprise here. I still love every bite of all my favorites, week after week. Tonight, Chef Tomura told me they had 4 types of Uni available and gave me a piece of California Uni (which I had on my 3rd visit) next to a piece of Russian Uni. The Russian Uni dissolves in your mouth instantaneously and the flavor is lighter as well. You can see (on the right) that it’s very wet and has less body. I think I still prefer the Uni from California.

CA and Russion uni

I asked about Copper River Salmon again because I know it should be coming soon and Chef Tomura admitted that it came in today, but it wouldn’t be available till tomorrow. I nearly sobbed but settled on a reservation for Tuesday where he advised me to have the Wild Salmon Roe, also available starting tomorrow. I did feel better when Chef Tomura presented me with a piece of King Salmon from New Zealand, rich with flavor and fat, and a stunning color.

new zealand king salmon

I’ll leave you here since I’ll be back on Tuesday.

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