As I mentioned in my last post on Sushi Yasuda, Copper River Salmon is now available! What’s better than Copper River Salmon? Two types of Copper River Salmon, both shockingly bright orange. On the left is the King Salmon, slightly softer than the Sockeye Salmon on the right. The flavor of both is wonderful yet subtle, so subtle that I think they would be better as sashimi. (note to self)

The very strong salmon flavor in this Sockeye Salmon Roll really shines here, exhibiting a pungency the other salmons don’t seem to have.

The Wild Salmon Roe (also from the Copper River) are smaller than the usual salmon roe, softer, smoother in flavor, like it was purified. I’m imagining that the water in the Copper River must be very clean.

I’m so glad I got to eat Copper River Salmon at least once this year cause we just called a few other restaurants and can’t seem to find anyone else serving it (possibly because it’s very expensive this year due to lower inventory). Thanks again Sushi Yasuda!

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