Street Fair Food has really deteriorated in the last 10 years and it’s become much more expensive. These days, it’s horrible bubble tea, dry shish kebabs and over-cooked chicken, cold falafels, bland Thai food, not-so-delicate crepes, and greasy Cuban or Dominican, repeated street after street. I rarely see the giant smoked turkey legs anymore, and the zeppole stands are fewer as well. The larger problem is that these stands are so expensive, often costing more than a random restaurant you could find a block away.

Yesterday, we walked down the street fair on 3rd Ave, running below 14th Street to about 7th Street, and for some reason, we were still drawn to buying the food we knew would disappoint. The only one I can condone buying is the arepas because it’s not widely available. The concept of cheese sandwiched between sweet corn cakes, sizzling in butter, is just fantastic, but $4! It’s made of cheap stuff. Besides, if I were to make it myself, I would definitely use a stronger cheese and more of it.

Then Lon, being drawn to all things fried, picked up chicken and beef empanadas to share with my cousin Olivia, who hadn’t eaten lunch yet. They were so-so; I don’t like fried things cold and the chicken one was made with white meat, which means dry. The pair cost $5 which is not that much until you realize that it’s just egg roll wrapper and the same thing, made better, served hot, cost $1.99 at Sophie’s Cuban Restaurant.

Then, we picked up dumplings from a Thai stand, $3 for 4 pieces. That is way too expensive and to top it off the two chicken dumplings were terribly dry (the pork were ok).

I thought we finally found something good when we saw “Authentic Pit Southern Style Barbecue” and a few people were standing on line. We chose a pulled pork sandwich to share, and it was a decent portion for the price, $6. The pork was very dry though, and shredded into tiny bits, leaving little texture. Luckily the sauce was left on the side for you to add as needed, which for us was three or four times.

I was happy to see the end of the street fair, so I couldn’t be pulled into buying more food that wasn’t worth the money or the calories.

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