I was looking for spices and came across SOS Chefs SOS Chefs on-line. It’s pretty out of the way but on a nice day, I couldn’t resist exploring. The place has just a tad more decor than a warehouse and you wouldn’t know what they were selling from the outside. Yet, as soon as I entered, I got all excited, standing on tippy toes to see the tops of each shelf, sniffing around, much like my dog at Petco.

A very helpful women showed me the different offerings, starting with spices since I was looking to buy some allspice. She recommended Sumac, a spice I had never heard of. It smelled good and has a wonderful deep purple/maroon color so I bought a bit to try. I had to resist buying several different oils, flavored salts, honeys and preserves, and limited myself to some allspice, Sumac, caper berries, and harissa. Can’t wait to try all of this out!

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