On a past post, Wonders commented:

“I been having Siggi’s Skyr lately, it’s just as good and made with Skim Milk!! Just add a bit of honey (cus its extra tart) and it’s good to go! Try it out! -=D”

I just tried the blueberry flavor and the plain. While this Icelandic style yogurt is better (because it’s thicker) than the standard American style yogurt, it is extra tart, as you mentioned. The blueberry is tart but still palatable on it’s own, although I still prefer the flavored Fage yogurts. The plain has a similar taste to the Fage 0%, I guess because they are both fat free, but I don’t like either. I am a big fan of the 2% Fage in plain and often eat it on it’s own. That bit of extra fat, well, my waist-line will just have to give in to the demands of my tongue, but my wallet will thank me as well, considering Siggi’s is much more expensive. ( It’s $2.69 for a 6oz container of Siggi’s and $1.99 for a 7oz container of Fage at my local Whole Foods.)

In the end, I prefer Fage way way more, but I thank you for the recommendation and even though we don’t agree this time, I hope you will continue to make recommendations.

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