The other day, we stopped in at the Universal News on 14th Street Universal News, to buy drinks. I always go there for Vitamin Water since they sell them ice cold for $1.50, which is the cheapest I’ve found, sold retail, without a special sale. This magazine store is part of a chain of 10 locations in Manhattan but they all look and feel a bit different. I wasn’t even sure they were related until I looked it up. Oddly, the one by us sells a few snack foods, including beef and chicken empanadas. We tried the beef one and they weren’t the best ever but ten times better than the ones we bought at the street fair, and this one was only $1.50. It was actually flavorful, although too salty, and it tasted like real food inside. It had easily twice the amount of filling, and two could easily be called lunch. You can’t find lunch for $3 that easily, at least not by 14th Street. I’m not usually so drawn to cheap eats almost purely by the value factor, notice me not impressed by the 99 cent pizza, but these kind of got me, I’m going to have to try the chicken one and see what else they offer.

On a side note, Lon once bought a sandwich from the Universal News on 23rd Street Universal News and said it was disgusting.

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