Since I covered Flurt and Yolato, I felt like I had to try Pinkberry today to feel complete. Pinkberry has three flavors and I sampled each. The coffee was vile, sour coffee is not a good thing, the green tea didn’t taste enough like green tea, but the plain was good if you think of it as a yogurt flavored sorbet. It’s not creamy enough to call it frozen yogurt for me, so in that arena, only Flurt makes the mark so far. As I ate the second half, thinking of it as sorbet, I did enjoy it, but a minute after I was done, my mouth felt very dry and then the sour aftertaste lingered for a while. It wasn’t terrible but I did need water.

Pinkberry does gets points for extremely good blueberries but overall, this small cup with blueberries is expensive for $4.23. If the idea is to make these frozen yogurts healthy so that you can have them often, then they need to be priced so you can have them often. For me, no thanks, I prefer having ice cream and/or gelato in moderation.

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