Earlier today (while working on the Jelly Belly post) I was browsing around Cold Stone Creamery’s web site and looked for nutritional information. It wasn’t particularly easy to find. After some clicking, the FAQ page had a link to the “Nutritional Information/Ingredient” page. Guess what, that’s not it. That page is several paragraphs about how Cold Stone is concerned about nutrition and therefore provides light options. Buried in that page is an anonymous link labeled “click here” that seemed like a winner. It was pretty surprising that instead of seeing the nutrition info, I saw the following statement:

In order for us to provide the nutritional information, please enter the zip code where you currently reside

Weird, huh? I wasn’t aware that nutrition values change by geographic area. But oh well, assuming it was either just a ruse to collect ZIP info or possibly that Cold Stone only offers certain products in certain areas, I entered my New York City ZIP and then got to the “nutrition filter” page, with the following message:

Unfortunately we can no longer provide caloric information to residents of New York City. This development is a result of the New York City Department of Health’s decision to pass a regulation requiring restaurants that already publicly provide caloric information, to post product calories on their menu boards – using the same type size as the product listing.

We fully support the intent of this regulation; however, since most of our products are made-to-order, there simply isn’t enough room on our existing menu boards to comply with the regulation. As a result, we will no longer be able to provide nutritional information to residents and customers of our New York City stores. We regret this inconvenience. For ingredient and allergen information, please click here. If you have questions about this regulation, please contact the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and refer to Health Code Section 81.50.

Way to stick it to the NYC DoH and to all NYC residents who are interested in being healthy. Screw ’em… I mean “us”! In just a few minutes (that’s all it takes) to read through Health Code Section 81.50 I failed to see what part of the code indicates why Cold Stone would not show nutrition information on their web site. IANAL (I’m not a lawyer) but it seems pretty clear that Cold Stone just does not want to show the nutritional info. It was easy enough to find a non-NYC ZIP and throw that in, and see a real Cold Stone Creamer Nutritional Information page. What an annoying exercise!

Apparently, I’m not the first person to find this irritating. A Los Angeles Library had similar issues last year. Just a month ago fellow NYC’er Marion Nestle updated us on what is happening NYC with calorie labeling.

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