Lon’s co-worker Marcos gave me his old bike when he bought a new one. This is a life-saver for me since I’m riding in the NYC Bike Tour this Sunday. If you haven’t noticed, I often show my gratitude with food. These Mocha Cheesecake Brownie Bars are just layers of good stuff, brownie bottom, mocha cheesecake middle, and sour cream topping. Sweets for the sweet! Thanks Marcos!

Some notes:

1. The recipes calls for a metal pan. My 8×8 is a glass pan so you can adjust for this by lowering the temperature roughly 25 degrees F and it may have to bake a little longer. Watch it carefully.

2. The hardest part about this recipe is removing it from the pan. I’m not sure if the metal pan would have made it easier but I doubt it. I would use a sharp knife to cut around the edges and to cut into bars, while dipping in very hot water in between. Then use an offset spatula to carefully lift each piece. You will likely loose the first piece. Don’t worry, delicious casualty..it became my breakfast.

3. I suggest serving with strawberries or raspberries. The colors and flavors work well together. Enjoy!

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