You may recall the other day I mentioned trying McDonald’s new breakfast sandwich, the chicken biscuit; well, even if you don’t my stomach did. While I wasn’t a fan, it seems you were, because we got a ton of reader interest about the review; so I sacrificed my bowels via a second trip to McD’s for the lunch-version.

See the image to the right? That is the product image. And for once, the real thing looked exactly like the published product image. Unfortunately, that was not a good thing since literally this is basically a huge chicken nugget on dry white bread with two pickle slices. No mayo, no ketchup, no lettuce, zilch. While I do enjoy a chicken nugget on some white bread, I have to say this was pretty sad. So skip it.

Similar to my last visit, the store was simply chaotic. But as usual, McDonald’s is trialing some new technology to improve through-put, and I was impressed. A woman was working her way up and down the lines of people with a handheld, wireless device to take orders. She used it to take my order, by the time I got to the register I simply had to pay. It looked like there were kinks to be hammered out, such as getting the food out more quickly, but I like the system in general.

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