Avid readers already know that Jessica and I avoid most fast food like the plague. Just like the plague, sometimes one can’t help but catch it. So when a coupon for a free McDonald’s Southern-Style Biscuit made it into my hands, I was lured in. So this morning I went an extra block out of the way to pick up the gift from America’s kitchen away from home.

Mickey D’s was damn fast. My hot sandwich was in my hands in about 45 seconds, just enough time to pull it from the deep frier, wrap it in wax paper to hold the oil in, and hand it over. The sandwich’s flavor was pretty good. It is exactly what the picture above looks like: aggressively deep-fried chicken on a biscuit. While it tasted like fried chicken, it was somehow dry. And while the biscuit was decent, although salty, it was also dry and kept sticking to the top of my mouth.

The sandwich already has 420 calories, 1200mg of sodium, and 20g of fat, but it needs a sauce. Just slather some mayo with cayenne pepper on it or something to avoid the dryness. If you’re hankering for deep-fry at 8am, this is the sandwich of choice; otherwise, I suggest sticking with the Sausage McGriddle; it’s the same calories, less sodium, and slightly more fat, but so much more flavorful and moist.

Having not been in a McDonald’s in — who knows how long — the first thing I noticed is that everyone in there looks like they are either construction workers or counter clerks somewhere. For the $5.80 everyone in there was spending for breakfast, do they realize they could walk into any deli and get basically the same food, but in larger quantity, including coffee for $3-4? $2 per day x ~250 work days a year = about a year of free cable? I guess that’s not food related. So in other terms, that could buy them a KitchenAid Stand Mixer 😉

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