I call myself an athlete, having been actively involved in sports since I can remember. Gymnastics, Tae Kwon Do, years of figure skating, track & field, 2 years on a dance team (hip-hop/break dancing), ran my first marathon in October, and I’m signed up for a triathlon this fall. When Lon and I first started dating, my mom was a little concerned that he wasn’t the active type and occasionally friends ask too, if it has affected our relationship. Amazingly it never has and he has been more supportive then any of my jock ex-boyfriends, often coming to races, and flying to SF and getting a sun burn on his head while watching me run the Nike Women’s Marathon.

This Sunday, I rode in the Five Borough Bike Tour, 40 miles of fairly leisurely riding with friends and I thought, it would’ve been nice to have Lon along. At a rest stop, we started discussing dinner and it suddenly came to me, that I would really like to have a clambake as my victory dinner. So I called Lon and asked him if he felt like making us a clambake, and Clambake he did!

When we got back to my apartment, it already smelled great. Lon was making a super version with Chorizo. He had pre-cooked the potatoes (ooh, I love the purple ones) and had the onions and chorizo going already.

The immense amount of food had to be split into different serving platters. Here’s the mahogany clams, mussels, chorizo, potatoes, and onions in a giant bowl.

Here are the 1 1/4 pound (each) lobsters sitting on top of corn you can’t see.

Lon has also been thinking about Clams Oreganata for days so that got thrown into the mix. It was made in fat back and rocked! (While he was shucking, I stole one clam to eat raw. I couldn’t resist.)

We dug in like cookie monster, leaving very little behind.

It was one of those ultra satisfying meals. You crave something and you get exactly what you wanted but better. As I licked my fingers I thought, this is way better than having a sporty husband, one that can really cook!

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