I’ve mentioned my favorite fruit stand before but I thought I’d remind you again since it’s the season to be loading up on fruits and vegetables. They’ve expanded too, now taking up three times the space of the average NY fruit stand, on the West side of University Place, right below 14th Street. They have more vegetables than they used to, often carrying spinach, salad greens, and sometimes string beans or asparagus. Today, I even saw sun-dried tomatoes. The fruit is of course still there and you can’t beat prices like these.

Lately, their produce has been even better than before, which I noticed because Lon will often ask me, where did you get this fruit? He now knows, it’s usually from this fruit stand. Recent awesome buys have been strawberries, raspberries, navel oranges, and campari tomatoes and mangos.

To top it off, this fruit stand is run by such a lovely family. The mom Sarah (not there when I visited today) and her two sons, David (left) and Oz (right), are quick, friendly, and know their products. If you don’t know how to pick a melon to be ready in 2 days, just ask one of them to pick for you. You won’t be disappointed.

Be warned, there always seems to be tons of people clamoring all over this fruit stand (unlike some very lonely fruit stands I see everywhere else), which means that they sometimes run out of products by later afternoon. Amazing right!

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