We’ve posted about Birdbath before, the green offshoot of The City Bakery, and while I was hoping to like it more this time (when my friend Angie brought some treats over), I actually liked it less. The Coconut Cookie was ok. The crispy cookie did taste like coconut and it seemed fresh, but that’s about it, nothing memorable.

The Sesame Banana Cake?? tasted very healthy with weird chunks of dried banana in it. I don’t think 4 or more people got through even half of it. I hope this health-puck cures some disease.

Then we saw something that looked more promising…

But alas, those were doggie cookies for Ice. Ice loved them but she eats anything, literally anything.

I’m seriously disappointed since I’m really for the green efforts, but now I’m pretty sure I’ll be staying away from Birdbath.

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