Ellen posted this comment 2 weeks ago and it was finally warm enough for me to try Flurt‘s Flurt frozen yogurt today:

Hi Jessica,

I have tried three frozen yogurt places: Flurt, Pinkberry and Berry Wild.

Flurt (3rd Ave. between 22nd & 23rd) is my favorite. It’s rich and creamy with a wonderful sour yogurt flavor. Despite being creamy, it also comes off as refreshing and light.

Pinkberry comes in as a very close second. I find it slightly less creamy than Flurt. They also make a green tea version which was very disappointing, even though I love green tea.

Berry Wild makes two versions; creamy and icy. The icy is not as creamy and has slight yogurt flavor. Overall this one just tasted watered down. The creamy version was too creamy and hardly has any yogurt flavor.

So my final verdict is Flurt and Pinkberry are both fantastic. And I’m never going back to Berry Wild. They all offer small samples to try before you buy. And various fruit and crunchy toppings.”

Ellen, thank you so much for the recommendation! After Yolato and Red Mango disappointed me with their tart and icy products, I wouldn’t have gone to try another frozen yogurt place. But as you said, Flurt makes a nice and creamy frozen yogurt that is quite refreshing. The sourness of the yogurt flavor is well balanced so that it is enjoyable on it’s own, which is healthy and fat-free.

Since it was my first visit, I asked Alex Kim (one of the founders/owners) for his way of eating it. He says it changes over time, but currently, he is having it with strawberries, bananas, crushed oreos, and cinnamon toast crunch cereal. It was truly a treat and I will most likely be back.

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