Fish Fish is a no frills seafood bar that seems to know what they specialize in, at the detriment of almost everything else. The raw platter was filled with wonderfully fresh oysters, meaty Fanny Bay’s, delicate Kumamotos, sweet Blue Points, and some others, which I can’t remember the names of. One tasted like an oyster shot. Yum! The mignonette and cocktail sauce were just passable and the mayo (with some soy in it?) was just weird.

My mom ordered Steamers, prepared with beer and jalapenos, the best preparation I’ve ever had for steamers. I’m going to have to try this at home!

My simple grilled Wild Salmon was cooked perfectly.

Lon’s catfish was tender. So, it seems like a great place, right? Unfortunately, fish and shellfish is where it ends, all the side items are terrible. The hush puppies tasted like dry cornbread fried. The collard greens were rough and sour.

The gumbo didn’t come close to resembling a gumbo, just murky green liquid with random chunks of stuff, no defining flavors.

While I truly enjoyed the oysters and the steamers, I’m doubting my return. I tend to like balanced meals with protein, carbs, and veggies, and here I could only eat protein. Oddly, it seems they’ve got the hard stuff down and can’t figure out a few decent sides. Just outsource if you have to.

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