During the Bike Tour on Sunday, we took a little detour for lunch, and headed to Carmine’s Pizzeria Carmine’s Pizzeria, a regular looking pizza joint, a bit cleaner, possibly newer, than most. They’ve got something for everyone, thin crust, thick crust, Sicilian, stuffed, chicken, pepperoni, and spinach rolls in large and small, pastas, and salads, desserts, I’m probably missing some stuff. On Scott’s recommendation, I got the Grandma, a Sicilian slice with tomatoes and cheese. The sauce and cheese was fresh and divine. I only wished the dough had a bit more flavor. Angie gave me a piece of her Sicilian with Sausage and that too was delicious on top. The crumbled sausage among great sauce and cheese was heavenly, again wishing the dough was a bit better. It wasn’t horrible though. I’ve been trying so much pizza lately that I’m just being picky.

I also had a small Spinach Roll which was stuffed with filling and generally pretty good, but not memorable. Scott and Sara both got pepperoni rolls and were moaning with pleasure.

So Carmine’s isn’t perfect, but it’s still a damn good place for their prices. You wouldn’t need more than $5 per person here. We topped off with a $1.75 nice cappuccino as well. I’d come back if I was in the area but I probably wouldn’t travel for it.

*note – pics are from Angie’s camera

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