Wildwood Wildwood, the latest notch on the B.R. Guest belt, is a welcomed BBQ addition to our neighborhood. My friend Angie accompanied Lon and I to this well designed space where everything simply made sense: the country music, the aged windows above the bar, the fun t-shirts on the wait staff, and the barn latches in the bathrooms.

We started with the recommended Bottle Caps, beer battered jalapeno slices, a simple and delicious appetizer. I’m surprised I haven’t seen it done before. The ranch dressing was also excellent, wonderfully cool and creamy, off-setting the heat that builds slowly.

The Chipotle Raspberry Chicken Wings were also a hit, very crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and the sauce was a perfect balance of salty, sweet (not too sweet), and just a little heat.

This being our first visit, we completely over-ordered, 2 rib samplers, and one other mixed sampler, each with two sides. It barely fit on our table but we were well prepared to feast, with paper towels, a clothe towel, and moist towelettes. We thought that was brilliant of management because you’ll need it! The rib platter was generally very popular with us, smoky beef ribs, nicely rubbed pork ribs, and the really unique lambs ribs (which none of us have seen before). Lon wasn’t a fan of the enormous amount of fat on it, but Angie and I didn’t mind cutting it off to get to the tasty and moist meat. (Sorry for the dark pic.)

The other sampler platter wasn’t as good. The chicken was dry, so was the brisket, but the pulled pork was good. (Sorry for the bad pic again.) Our waitress reminded us to try all the house-made sauces on the table and it’s definitely a life-saver for anything dry. We loved the Raspberry Chipotle Sauce and the Dirty Dick’s Hot Pepper Sauce. We heard that these may be for sale in the near future and we would definitely by them!

We enjoyed all the sides but one. The sweet potato fries were one of the best I’ve had, managing to be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

The Skillet Cornbread was a nice traditional cornbread.

Lon kept raving about the not too creamy Creamed Spinach, that actually tasted like spinach.

The Bacon Baked Beans were certainly tasty and again, not too sweet, when this dish often is.

The peppery Onion Rings were super hot, crispy, and oddly juicy on the inside. Be careful as you bite in, cause juice spurted out of mine. Lucky for Wildwood, I care more about food than my shirt.

The big disappointment was the Cheddar Mac & Cheese. We loved the idea of cornbread crumbs on top but the cheese mixture was powdery, tasting like a box mix that wasn’t well dissolved.

We were stuffed but really wanted to try a dessert. We compromised with our stomachs and ordered one to share, the Bourbon Banana Sundae. It was a very enjoyable dessert and fit the theme well, but not very memorable.

There were a few disappointments but if you know what to order, it’s a great deal. The staff is wonderful, the atmosphere works, the overly generous portions are priced well. We’ll probably be back AFTER the wedding.

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