Lon likes Two Boots pizza and I couldn’t remember if I did or not, having one slice over 5 years ago. We decided to order a pie, half plain, half Bayou Beast, from Two Boots To Go West Two Boots To Go West. It took over 45 minutes to get our delivery, but they did say it would take about 40 minutes. The problem is that it came room temperature, as if it had not been heated at all. Starving, I stood staring at my toaster, heating my slice.

I usually prefer pizza plain, especially when I’m testing out a place. Two Boots pizza is pretty distinct, so it’ll be up to personal taste. They use cornmeal in their crust, an herb heavy sauce, and it’s a thin pizza, less filling than most. It’s not really my thing and there’s something missing in the cheese for me too, possibly not creamy enough? Lon likes their pizza, especially because they have somewhat interesting toppings. The Bayou Beast has BBQ shrimp, crawfish, jalapeno, and andouille sausage. I tried some and the shrimp and crawfish were terribly over-cooked, until dry and flavorless, but the jalapeno and andouille gave a nice unique flavor to the pizza.

Lon does prefer the Cajun Pizza at Mardi Gras Pizza Mardi Gras Pizza but like most of the pizza places I like in the city, we’re not in their delivery zone. Time to move.

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