Lon and I are kind of disappointed that Jennifer got kicked off this time, not because we love her, we don’t, but we thought Antonia or Lisa would get kicked off for basically disregarding the rules of their challenge: They were supposed to make Polish Sausage and just decided to make Chorizo instead. I’m already annoyed by how often people seem unable to follow the instructions at each challenge.There was one where you could only use a certain number of ingredients and of course someone had more. How hard is that to follow? I hope not kicking off Antonia or Lisa does not encourage further disregard for the parameters, but at least Ryan got kicked off for not making tail-gating food on the previous episode.

A few side notes:

  • Our favorites right now are Richard and Dale. At least these two are mature, which I can’t say for a good portion of the cast.
  • Is Mark always high?
  • Stephanie looks so sweet, like a grade school teacher, so I have to like her.
  • I get Spike and Andrew confused. They kind of look the same sometimes….one of them has an annoying personality right?
  • Is Nikki still on just because she’s mildly attractive? …cause she doesn’t seem to be doing to well.

Lastly, it seems that most of these contestants live in NY, hope no one comes to beat me up.

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