Lon and I are not a big fan of chocolate and orange paired together, so when I was given a Terry’s Dark Chocolate Orange , I was reluctant to try it. I’ve heard of it’s popularity but still didn’t think I would like it. I finally opened it today.

First, I love the packaging design. It’s a bit small to see, but it says, “Whack & Unwrap”. I think you are supposed to slam the ball so that the segments break apart. As you can see below, I was hesitant in my whacking, so only a few pieces loosened.

You eat the chocolate in segments, very cute and perfect for sharing.

I have to admit, I like the taste. It is a bit sweeter than I expect of dark chocolate but the orange oil is balanced nicely so that it is not over-powering, and the texture is smooth enough, resulting in a product well worth it’s very inexpensive price (under $2).

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