We absolutely love receiving feedback from readers, positive or negative. Both help us improve the site. You may have noticed some minor improvements recently, all of these have been in response to reader feedback.

Angie pointed out that sometimes comments reported names as “anonymous” even when the commenter used their name. That problem is now solved.

Kasi suggested that having a “jump to comments” button on post pages would make it easier than having to scroll down to the comments section. Great idea! That is now added.

We’ve also gotten feedback about problems with the search box often linking to missing pages. We made some changes and think that should be solved now.

But more than any other feedback, we’ve been advised to get better pictures. Most of our pictures are either from our camera phones or from an old Casio Exilim point-and-click camera. Well with great recommendations from various readers including Bill, Steve W, and Steve K, Eddie, and a whole lot of research, we have purchased a Canon EOS XTi, a few lenses, a speedlite, and other accessories. As of yesterday most of our pictures will be from the new camera, and hopefully substantially more enjoyable for you. (Here’s where we sneak in a picture of our dog, Ice.)

Thank you and keep the great feedback coming!

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