Lon’s uncle Allan and aunt Heather have been raving about Sevilla Sevilla for a long time. We made plans to try it with our friends Sara and Eric, but it didn’t meet our expectations. The corner space has an old-school charm, with charming old waiters, and possibly the same old customers since the current owners took over in 1962.

The bread basket is just supermarket hero bread. There is a complimentary salad swimming in dressing that I could do without. The popular Sangria (we chose white) is nice but surprisingly light.

We started with three appetizers which were mostly ok. The Little Neck Clams on the Half Shell were average.

The Clams Casino were cooked correctly and possibly the best dish we had, but still completely forgettable. I already can’t really remember a few hours later.

The Broiled Chorizo was smoky but lacked the other familiar flavors, resulting in general disinterest from our table.

Our entrees arrived in pots which I liked cause it kept stuff hot. Our waiter portioned rice and some Mariscada with Green Sauce (more like soup) on each plate, displaying their historic style. The flavor was fine but most of the seafood was over-cooked.

The same goes for the Shrimp Ajillo, decent flavor, terribly over-cooked shrimp, again swimming in a pot of broth.

The Paella a la Valenciana (lobster, chicken, sausage, seafood) was the most disappointing to me because it wasn’t anywhere close to a Paella. Without even a hint of saffron, it’s just rice with some chicken, sausage and seafood in a pot, again mostly over-cooked.

The major pro at Sevilla is that they give huge portions of seafood for reasonable prices. The four of us coudn’t finish three entrees. Unfortunately, they haven’t mastered the cooking part and until then, Lon and I will not be back.

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