The first time I tried Jade Asian Restaurant Jade Asian Restaurant, it was a Monday, and it was just me and my mom. We said we would be back to try them on a weekend, and this time, we had my brother, Lon, Lon’s mom, and Lon’s Grandma with us so we could try more dishes. We tried so many plates that this post makes a good reference for dishes, although we did try to skip most of the deep fried items.

The one dish I must have, every time I have dim sum, is the Shrimp Wrapped in Rice Noodles. The freshly made noodle sheets practically bounce in your mouth, while the shrimp snaps, and the sweetened soy sauce is just the right top off.

My mom’s all-time favorite is Fish Balls. The steamed spheres are light and bouncy, served with a sprinkle of pepper. Unlike the ones I’ve had elsewhere, these had bits of pork in it, which made Lon love them even more. (We had them cut several different items in halves because we had 6 people.)

The skins on the Chive Dumplings were a bit too thick this time, but the filling was still richly aromatic.

I had these Chicken Meatballs with Sticky Rice Coating last time, and I had to have it again. The wonderfully tender meat is flavored with Chinese black mushroom, a nice combination of light flavors.

We also had the beef meatballs, a nice throwback for me, since my mom made these a lot when we were little kids. These are not like Italian meatballs because there is no bread/bread crumbs in it, and it is steamed. The texture ends up being a bit bouncy and less crumbly.

Baby Chinese Broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables but restaurants always use more oil than I do at home. You usually only get one shot at getting greens at dim sum though, so just grab the green dish you see. It’s still pretty good.

Here comes the clam cart, which always catches my brother’s eye. These were great, tender little Clams in Balck Bean Sauce, perfectly cooked.

The Shrimp Stuffed Fried Tofu was nicely fried, leaving a thin crispy outside, with a very tender inside. However, it lacked flavor and the accompanying dipping sauce was extra oily.

The Peppery Beef Ribs served on the bone is a simple meat dish cooked just right.

The Roast Pork Buns were decent but I’ve had a lot better. The dough was not as soft as it could be and the meat was not as meaty, if that makes sense?

The Vegetarian Tofu Skin Wrap is a nice layering of textures, the jelly fish-like cloud ears, the al dente shredded veggies, and the very thin but strong tofu skins, that all soak up sauce well.

Lon’s mom was really enjoying the tofu skins so we got another kind filled with chicken, ham, and black mushrooms. Also good.

Pea Shoot and Shrimp Dumplings, another one I had last time, that I wanted again. The chewy skins, fresh shrimp, and unique pea shoot flavor, just makes a perfect dumpling for me.

The Silken Tofu was as silky as expected. It was only missing the ginger syrup most places serve it with.

The Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaves were
smaller than normal but the advantage of less sticky rice and meat is that it absorbs more lotus leaf flavor/aroma. I’m happy to trade size for quality.

These light and fluffy, egg-flavored, mini cake rolls, are lightly sweet, and freshly steamed. Yum

These Sesame Balls are better described as sesame coated and lotus paste filled, mochi-like balls. I prefer the ones with red bean paste but those are hard to find these days. These are a great item when served hot. The outside will be crispy from the sesame coating, but chewy from the mochi-like dough, and sweet from the soft paste inside. The problem is that these taste horrible when cold, like most fried foods. Ours were warm today, not optimal, but still decent.

With just a few complaints, and most of the food pleasing our table, we would all come back. The place is bustling with people, allowing quick turn-over, ensuring fresh food. The variety is impressive, with a good ratio of classics and favorites to unique creations or variations. Jade Asian Restaurant is also a much nicer looking restaurant that many others in Flushing, so it’s a good place to take guests.

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