Dim Sum in Chinatown has been deteriorating for years, especially compared to Flushing, which is improving. I’m always willing to try though, and since Lily was visiting New York, we (Lily, Alice, and me) went for dim sum at HSF HSF. Every dish was below the Flushing standard, made worse by the restaurant being empty, leading to most dishes being lukewarm or cold. It’s not even worth getting into the details but shrimp was over-cooked, everything looked small and skimpy, many dumplings were stuck to each other or the paper beneath it. We had shrimp shu mai, regular shu mai, crystal dumplings, vegetable dumplings, turnip cake, and shrimp wrapped in rice noodles. The three of us left still hungry, not willing to try more.

If you want dim sum, go to Flushing.

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