Whenever friends ask me how I roast a pepper, it seems like they think it will be uber complicated. Well, good news, it’s not! It’s super easy and you do get something absolutely delicious and very healthy. There are different ways to roast a pepper but I like fire roasting, because it requires no pans, just your stove (if you have an electric, you’re screwed) and tongs, and of course peppers. You can roast all different kinds (the same way) but my demo is with red bell peppers and when you’re roasting these, choose nice thick, fat ones.

Just turn your flame on high and throw them on. My flame is on but it doesn’t show in the picture (someone scientific, tell me why).

They will start to blister and blacken. Turn them so that the non-blackened part is closer to the flame.

Continue rotating the peppers until the entire pepper is black.

When they’re done, turn off your flame, and throw them into a paper bag. Close the bag and let the peppers steam for 15 minutes. The skin will then come off easily by just rubbing lightly with your fingers. Remove all the skin. This does get a little messy.

After the skins are removed, you can remove the stem and seeds. You can now cut into strips, cubes, or any other shape you want. I usually make several peppers and store them in halves or quarters in the fridge so that I can cut the shape I want later.

If you’re usually buying jarred roasted peppers, you will be amazed at how good freshly roasted ones taste. I add them to salads, sandwiches, sauces, and eat them by themselves. MMM….roasted peppers.

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