Hatsuhana Hatsuhana is packed with the business crowd at lunch time, on both floors, and oddly, sushi bar seats are all that is left if you come without reservations. The host in front apologetically asked if we would mind sitting at the sushi bar, and I was glad to take it, but soon realized why it is not as desired here. There is no interaction with the chef, who will answer questions if you ask, but go no further.

The lunch menu offers a wide variety of sushi/sashimi/chirashi combos, all listed with calorie counts. I don’t think I wanted to know. I was hoping sushi meals were almost negligible to counter all the dessert I eat. Still, the sushi is fresh and generously portioned, although nothing particularly memorable. I found it rather boring that my 4 types of sashimi and 4 types of sushi was delivered as the same 4 fish: salmon, tuna, fluke, and yellowtail, the standard bunch.

No major complaints though. Service was courteous and I wouldn’t mind going back for lunch, for the reasonably priced specials ($25 for 4 pieces sushi, 2 pieces each of 4 types of sashimi, choice of a roll out of about 6 , soup or salad).

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