About a year ago, I was complaining about how the Fresh Direct Ciabatta Rolls had gotten smaller and more expensive. I have to admit, I still buy them, because I don’t know of anywhere else to get parbaked breads and I just love the concept. You pop a parbaked bread in your oven for 15-20 minutes, and you’ve got warm bread that tastes freshly baked. This time, we tried a Raisin Pecan Loaf, and it was great, crusty outside, soft, chewy, and dense, inside, packed with raisins and just the right amount of pecans.

Be aware that this Raisin Pecan Loaf is very addictive. It ruined a perfectly healthy meal by adding nearly half a loaf of bread to it. I just couldn’t stop eating it…and with some sweet cream butter…you’re ready for couch potato heaven.

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