I was out apartment hunting in Williamsburg today and one of our appointments canceled last minute. I took this as a sign from a higher power, that I should stop in at Fornino Fornino for some pizza. Lon had heard something about being voted best pizza in NY on Citysearch.

I ordered the small Margarita DOC, a pretty plain pie (the way I like my pizza) with Buffalo Mozzarella, parmesan cheese, sauce, basil, and olive oil. All the ingredients were top notch, fresh and flavorful, and I could absolutely distinguish each flavor and each texture as playing it’s integral part in making this pizza. My one complaint is that it was a bit too wet. If you don’t hold your slice perfectly horizontal, everything slides right off. That’s not enough to hold me back from another visit though. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This $14 pie was a little pricey because I could eat two of them for dinner (I do have an enormous appetite for a 5’3″ Chinese girl) but if I end up moving to the neighborhood, I’m sure I’ll be making normal visits.

As for them being the best in NY, I’m not sure, I’d have to do a side-by-side comparison and try several different pies, but it is a contender.

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