Here’s another tasty treat, my mom brought home from Taiwan, Fong Li Su, or pineapple cakes. It’s another one of those goodies that are available here in the states but just don’t taste as good. This one, I don’t understand, because they are pre-packaged anyway. Just send them over, right?

The Fong Li Su are usually rectangular (I cut it in half to show you the inside.) and are traditionally made with a pineapple filling. There are several variations now with strawberry, melon, etc. but the classic one is what my mom always buys. The ones from Taiwan just taste a lot fresher. The shortbread-like outside is light and crumbly and needs the dense pineapple jam to hold it together. It is an extremely densely caloric treat that accomplishes the illusion of barely feeling like you ate, if it’s a good one. The ones I’ve bought here feel dense and chewy, and they’re usually sweeter too, so I don’t buy them anymore. I just wait for them to arrive from Taiwan.

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