Last night, Angie brought over very pretty desserts from Financier Patisserie Financier Patisserie, which I should not have eaten! The crowd favorite was this dark chocolate mousse-like square, with a white filling/paste of caramel consistency. The texture was ultra smooth and melts in your mouth. I would’ve preferred it without the white filling (too sweet for me) but Lon was licking the gold paper it sat on.

The Fraisier, mostly fresh strawberries and mousseline, and barely noticeable biscuit (type of cake), was light and reminiscent of the desserts from Chinese bakeries (says Angie and I completely agree).

This Blueberry Lemon Tart wasn’t enough blueberry and no one liked the crust, which had a weird wet inside. The top was a nice light lemon mousse (seemed to have added gelatin to hold shape), not too tart, not too sweet.

The Chocolate Praline Cake was a pretty standard, dense chocolate cake.

Generally, I liked these little cakes, mostly because they weren’t too sweet. The prices are reasonable, and they are quite beautiful. It doesn’t compare to the stuff I had in Vienna though.

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