I am so so flattered to be presented with the E award by Ingar at Taste Memory. I aspire to take photos like hers one day. The colors and clarity is always amazing, looking like paintings, too perfect to be real. She is a great inspiration for healthy eating, and will make you want fruits and vegetables. As the name of her blog eludes to, she often tells great stories when different foods evoke memories (which there is now a scientific explanation for) from childhood.

I believe I am now supposed to pass the E award on to my favorite food bloggers so here are the ones, besides Taste Memory, that I read regularly:

Midtown Lunch
is written by a cool dude named Zach who I’d love meet and eat with one day. We seem to have different dining styles and I’m not in midtown that much, but I can’t resist this site as it does what it strives to do so well: talk about midtown lunch (they did just recently add a downtown correspondent though). If you work in midtown, you’ve gotta be reading this blog already, but if for some reason, you aren’t because you’ve been under a rock, you’re probably missing out on some good stuff in midtown.

Cupcake Bake Shop
by Chockylit (Cheryl Porro) is all about really inventive, and some classic, cupcakes. The pics and detailed instructions are great! I’ve used this site for inspiration many times.

Foodie NYC is written by chef Joe DeSalazar who holds intimate tasting events for no more than 20 people at a time. We haven’t had time to go to an event yet but hope to soon since the food he blogs about looks and sounds so good.

Salty/Savory/Sweet is a totally casual, no pretense, food blog written by someone I’ve known for about 15 years. She is seriously the best writer I know and I would read her blog no matter what the subject was, but lucky for me, it’s food! She takes great photos too!

The Hungry Hedonist
is Lon’s pick. He recently sent me a link to this blog, written by a college student named Jen, who is a sophisticated and well-traveled diner. I’m super jealous! The photos are great too. Take a tour.

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