For foodies who absolutely must be in the know, let us help you: next Monday, April 28, is Cabaret Gourmet Cabaret Gourmet @ Metropolitan Pavilion, the fifth annual occurrence of the event and a must-go for those on the NYC food scene. CG serves multiple purposes — all of which we support.

First, funds help support The Play Company, an international theatre that develops and produces adventurous new plays by writers from all around the world. Works that come from The Play Company are distinctive and cover a broad range.

Second, CG, this year, honors Judith Jones, a remarkable food writer (who inspires us), known for books like “The Tenth Muse” and “The Book of Bread”.

Third, and not any less important, CG features New York City chefs and restaurants. This year’s chefs include Chef Jason Avery (Pera Mediterranean Brasserie), Chef David DeCarlo (Angus McIndoe), Chef Alexandra Guarnischelli (Butter), Gianfranco Sorrentino (Il Gattopardo), Chef Michael Hu (Hana Pastries), Chef Jehangir Mehta (Graffiti), Chef Nancy Olson (Gramercy Tavern), Chef Shannon Pacifico (Back Forty), Chef Suvir Saran & Chef Hamant Mathur (Devi Restaurant), and others.

As you may know from Jessica’s bio, she worked with Chef Jehangir Mehta and can attest to his skill. We’re looking forward to seeing him again.

Two years ago Cabaret Gourmet was held at the smallish The Public Theater and last year at the gorgeous, but mid-sized The Angel Orensanz Foundation. This year CG is showing off it’s remarkable growth by hosting at The Metropolitan Pavilion.

Cabaret Gourmet is set for Monday, April 28 from 7:00-9:30 PM at The Metropolitan Pavilion
(123 West 18th Street, “The Level“, 5th Floor). Tickets: $99; $250; $2,500 – $5,000 for VIP tables (10 pp). For reservations and information call Hilary Leichter at The Play Company at (212) 398-2977 or email [email protected]. For more info, visit

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