I went to see an allergist yesterday and lucky me, it was right by Bouley Bakery Market Bouley Bakery Market. You already know that I love brunch at Bouley, so I went looking for that apple bread I had. They don’t sell the little rolls that they give you at brunch but you can buy a larger one. It’s a little pricey at $5 and change but worth it. Lon and I ate the whole thing last night.

Since I was in the shop, I wanted to try a few more things, so I got these adorable little mini muffin/cakes. It had a fancy French name but I don’t remember it now. Lon and I didn’t care for the chocolate one because the chocolate chips inside were too hard. Lon liked the pineapple, which was too sweet for me, and we both liked the cherry pistachio. The tartness of the cherry balances the sweetness of the cake. They’re cute and fun but nothing spectacular.

I have to go back to the allergist next week so if anyone has any favorite items at Bouley Bakery Market, let me know.

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