When craft opened the menu immediately appealed to me. Being shi-shi, the restaurant was booked-up, and I found it hard to go without reservations weeks ahead. Frankly, I wasn’t that interested. So, I never made it to craft. My sister says it’s pretty good, albeit pricey. Jessica made it to craftbar and said it was good, but pricey. Tom Colicchio continued opening tons of restaurants with craft in the name, including 12 sandwich shops called ‘wichcraft (ten of which are in New York, one in San Francisco, and one in Las Vegas).

My first visit to a ‘wichcraft ‘wichcraft LV was the Las Vegas location, in the MGM Grand. My sister, brother-in-law, and I all thoroughly enjoyed our sandwiches, and absolutely loved the scone we had. When I got back to NYC, I had to go again. So a few co-workers and I ordered in from the 8th Street location ‘wichcraft 8th St.. My New York ‘wich was just as delicious as my Las Vegas ‘wich. It was also just as expensive, running about $10. In a city filled with delis and other sandwich shops, does that make sense? Well for such a wonderful sandwich, maybe…

That was in the Fall of ’07, no more than 5 months ago. Well whatever magic spell kept me going back to ‘wichcraft and forking over so much moola seems to have run out. Sorry Tom Potter. This visit to the 20th Street location ‘wichcraft 20th St. was quite a let down. My two friends and I all agreed: it’s simply not worth the ridiculous wait (over 10 minutes for a basic sandwich, a problem that I complained about when I went previously) and not worth the cash (still about $10 for any sandwich, with tax). And apparently someone has used a shrinking potion, because the sandwiches are about 30% smaller than they used to be.

After eating the meatloaf with cheddar, bacon, and tomato relish on ciabatta ($9.50+tax), I was still hungry. It was about the size of a breakfast sandwich from a fast food joint. In comparison, one could easily pick up a meatball parm. hero from their favorite pizza shop for $6.50 and be absolutely stuffed.

I won’t be going back to ‘wichcraft.

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