This is in no way a complete list of whole wheat pastas out there but here’s what we thought of the five kinds we’ve tried.

Severino Homemade Pasta is one of our favorites. The company started as a family shop in NJ over 30 years ago and we’re glad they decided to expand into boxed dry pastas. We tried the stone ground whole wheat gemelli (doesn’t look like other gemelli) during a family dinner. We served it with meatballs and it was a hit. Their pastas are a lot darker looking than other pastas but the texture and flavor is great. They don’t taste like regular white pasta but equally terrific.

Shop Rite 100% Whole Wheat Rotini is pretty good and one of the cheapest of the whole wheat pastas. The ingredient list is clean, just durum whole wheat flour. You can feel the grain slightly but you still get the chewiness of regular pasta.

Delallo Organic Pastas include a whole wheat line. We tried two shapes and prefer their elbows over their linguine. The elbows are very close to regular elbows in taste and texture. We served it in a soup and the whole wheat factor was barely noticeable. When eaten alone, you do notice the difference but it still tastes very good and the bounce that we love good al dente pasta for is definitely still there. The linguine is pretty good also but the whole wheat factor is a lot more noticeable in this shape so you won’t be able to pull a fast one on your kids.

Trader Joe’s Organic Whole Wheat Penne is pretty good but not one of my favorites. It is still chewy but lacks a bit of bounce and I would like it to be seasoned or salted more to bring out more flavor. The whole wheat is noticeable but does not add or subtract.

Nature’s Path makes a line of pastas under the brand name Lifestream. It includes four shapes of organic whole wheat pasta with brown flax. We tried the Spaghetti (prepared with a white clam and shrimp sauce). While the pasta is great nutrition wise, Lon and I didn’t like the taste or texture. It’s very grainy and tastes like a bowl of fiber. We would not buy it again.

The pastas were roughly ordered from best to worst. I would certainly buy the Severino pasta again. The Shoprite and Delallo pastas are equal except that the Shoprite one is much cheaper.
I would probably buy either again. The Trader Joe’s pasta is a maybe and the Lifestream is a big No!

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