If you’ve been reading Foodmayhem, you know that Lon and I are getting married. My wonderful bridesmaid, Angie, found all these adorable wedding favors made just for the food or cooking obsessed. There must be a lot of us out there.

My favorite is the adorable heart shaped measuring spoon set, because it is engraved with measurements such as “a Pinch of Patience”, “a Dash of Kindness”, “a Spoonful of Laughter”, and “A Heap of Love”.

Then there’s this cute little whisk that could stand alone or go with the heart-shaped egg or pancake mold.

There are tons of wine stoppers and corkscrews with hearts and of course the list of edible wedding favors is endless. I love the idea of custom wedding cookies, but at $5 and up per cookie, it’s just too much.

We promise to tell you what we’re doing for our wedding favors, but you’ll have to wait till after the wedding.

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