*Update 2/5/09 – Now Closed*

We thought we’d check out Totally Baked Totally Baked on opening day. The well designed space was filled with people on a rainy day, so good job to the publicist. They seem to be working out some logistical kinks as the wait was quite long, and Melinda’s (Lon’s co-worker) order got lost (They gave her an extra baked potato and a drink for that). The owners and involved parties were all there to schmooze with the crowd so I learned that Chef & Company (the catering company that previously occupied this retail space) was still behind the scenes of this operation.

Before I get to the spuds, the packaging was great and I was glad to see that it was made of recycled cardboard. I have to wonder though, how much it added to the prices because the potatoes are quite pricey (most are $9 and up). My Cape Cod Chowder Baked Potato was good, a creamy combination of flavors, topped with onions for another texture. All potatoes were packed with a fresh side salad.

Lon ordered the Brisket Baked Potato and loved the perfectly cooked brisket, but seemed uninterested in the potato.

He was way more interested in his Sweet “Spa” Potato, topped with cottage cheese, maple syrup, crunchy praline and banana caramel. I liked it more than I expected, since I’m not a fan of cottage cheese. The dessert potatoes were a great idea in concept alone, so points there.

Lon and I agreed that the toppings were good, made with good ingredients and cooked correctly, flavors were well thought out, creative yet satisfied the parameters of a baked potato. The problem is that each person from his office had to get two potatoes to call it lunch. Two potatoes and a drink will sink about 20 bucks.

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