I’m still stuck at home, sick of all the soup places I’ve ordered from. I’m desperately searching for a new one when Lon tells me there’s another Korean place by our apartment, Sura: The King’s Meal Sura: The King’s Meal. Well, the name certainly set’s up expectations and the fact that Chef Suk Yong Chung comes from Hangawi Hangawi. I’ve never been before but it’s a place in K-town so I’m sort of anticipating the delivery of an authentic Korean meal. I ordered the Sundubu Jiggae (spicy tofu stew) and the Kimchee Jigae (pork and kimchee stew), a bit overly zealous for one sick person, but hey I’m suffering.

It’s 35 minutes later and I’m still waiting for the food that I couldn’t pay for by credit card (they have a $20 minimum)…

Finally got the food, 44 minutes after the order was placed, and there’s soup all over the containers and the utensils. I wipe them quickly and notice that the portions are about half the size of what most places offer. They did give generous portions of the multi-grain rice and the lunch prices are a bit lower so, I’ll call that even. The problem is that my Sundubu isn’t hot anymore. Such a peeve of mine! Flavor is pretty standard but the squid stands out. It is nicely cooked, fresh squid, not that frozen stuff some places put in their sundubu.

The Kimchee Jiggae was also just warm but that’s the least of it’s problems. It doesn’t taste like Kimchee Jiggae to me and has rice cakes in it. I could be down for this new inventive version if the rice cakes weren’t over-cooked and the whole thing wasn’t so dang salty, near inedible. (Keep in mind, Nima got kicked off of Top Chef in the first episode of this season for that. )

Like Dosirak, Sura only gives Kimchee, no other panchan. (I hope this isn’t going to be a trend.) The kimchee isn’t even good, the least flavorful I have ever tasted, and not spicy. It’s basically just cabbage sitting in salted red liquid. Overall, it was a train wreck with too few redeeming qualities. I won’t be ordering again.

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