My awesome bridesmaids chose Sonsie Sonsie for Saturday night’s dinner for two reasons, Parmesan Truffle Fries and Cashel Blue Cheese Fries. My best friends know that I’m crazy about fries, especially with cheese, and I’ve been on a serious search for a replacement for my favorite Diner 24 Disco Fries, that are no longer available since the restaurant closed.

The Parmesan Truffle Fries (left) were great. The Parmesan helped form a crispy cheese crust on the fries, with just the right hint of truffle. I really enjoyed the tangy flavor of the Cashel Blue Cheese Fries (right) but they did get soggy. Speaking of optimal eating, you do have to eat these fries quickly. If this restaurant was in NYC, I would definitely be back for both of these fries.

The rest of the food seemed to be pretty good as well. Angela ordered a nicely cooked Hanger Steak. Monica and Olivia got the Chilean Sea Bass served very hot, in a clay pot (ooh, that rhymes) and I got the largest Diver Sea Scallops I’ve ever seen. A few girls ordered Pappardelle which seemed to be a bit thick but my over-all impression was that they cooked proteins to the correct temperatures, arranged nice presentations, gave large portions, and used a wide array of ingredients, caper berries, assortment of mushrooms, Sriracha, etc. Most of the flavors were rich and wintery and I enjoyed the flavor combinations that I tasted.

If this restaurant was closer to me, I would probably return, especially for the fries, but two hours is a long ride for me. If you’re in Atlantic City, stop in.

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