During our last visit to BJs, Jessica and I noticed a big ole box that said “Lego Fun Snacks”. Stephen, my brother-in-law, not only enjoys difficult to eat food, but also Legos. We had to buy it, even though it seemed odd that Kellogg’s was producing candy and even though no human should consume this much candy.

While Jessica couldn’t eat this, because of it’s food coloring, she and I were both equally excited to see just how honestly the Lego form factors were reproduced. How many different block sizes were included? Were they easy to put together and take apart? I wonder if assembling pieces into fun Lego sculptures and then eating them would taste different?

First, let’s have a look at the candies:

Ooo.. so sad looking. First, they’re all the same dimensions: 2×2 “blocks”. Unfortunately, barely three are square. Second, while you can’t tell from the picture, the bottoms are solid, not even a minor indent. So there’s no chance of assembling these “Legos”, except perhaps to just mash ’em together like warm gummy bears, a la the girl from the end of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” (watch the scene here).

You can’t assemble them; they’re barely square; they’re way not in the normal colors of legos; and they’re only in one form factor. Stephen and I did agree they were tasty though. At the minimum I can say these really shouldn’t be branded Lego by any stretch of the imagination; and at the maximum, I’d say skip these.

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