Photo by Eddie Song

We recently sent out invitations for our upcoming wedding. Like others before us, we included a phrase that we thought best represented our feelings. The original quote was from Harriet Van Horne; however, we flipped around the first line to fit our needs. Our saying was:

Love is like cooking. It should be
entered into with abandon or not at all.

Jessica and I love each other and we love cooking — we see many parallels between the two affinities. In both, the basis for starting is instinctual and the result is a special treat. Like food preferences, everyone has their special taste in a significant other. To achieve a great result in either it takes a little luck and a lot of understanding.

And as anyone who has been in a relationship or in the kitchen knows, there can be times of trouble. And usually those troubles can be resolved with work and dedication. We’re looking forward to the challenge and the delicious result!

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