I still have this sore throat that will not go away so I was craving a hot spicy soup, hoping it would burn it out of my throat. For that, I look to Korean food. We ordered from Dosirak Dosirak and I chose the Yukgaejang, shredded flank steak, with scallions and clear noodles, in a very spicy broth. It was just what I needed in a generous portion, made more complete with a bit of kimchee, saltier than usual, sweeter than usual, and less spicy, but I liked it.

Unfortunately, Lon’s dish was less satisfying. His Bulgolgi Teokbokee, marinated beef with rice cake, vegetables, and ramyeon noodles, was very one dimensional. The very skimpy amount of meat was too sweet and all of it was sitting in an oily, sweet soy sauce.

I’ve eaten at Dosirak once before, several years ago, and I remember the bulgolgi being too sweet then too. I don’t remember what else I ate but the real bummer is that Dosirak doesn’t give all that panchan that other Korean restaurants do, only kimchee. It took 30 minutes for the delivery, roughly two blocks away, and they are a cash only establishment. The prices have gone up (add up to $2 on any dish listed on menupages) and the food seems hit or miss. Yet, I will still patronize once in a blue moon. Why? Because, I don’t have a choice. There is only one other Korean restaurant near me, Express Manna Kitchen, and it’s really just a fast food joint that doesn’t have a complete Korean menu.

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