My oven is not working, yet again. In less than two years, it has failed twice in major ways, and has a handful of little problems as well. This is super frustrating for me, especially since I was testing a fabulous pie recipe for you.

The major issue is that I have a very high end range, a Blue Star 36″ RNB Series with the grill. A few months after it was installed, the broiler was no longer turning on. Under the one year warranty, they did fix it, but it took two visits to fix and that means x amount of days/weeks that I could not use the broiler. Now, it’s about 22 months (less than two years) since it was installed, and now the oven is not reaching correct temperature and also not heating evenly. Come on, this is a convection oven! I understand that it is no longer under warranty but I called Blue Star voicing my concerns. I have used several ranges before, all cheaper than this one, that never had a problem. With back splash and tax, I paid over $5000 for this range! I thought I was getting a good product, worthy of the high price. They decided that they would not fix the problem and just gave me the phone number for a repair service. The repair service will be $150 plus any parts. Parts can end up being ultra expensive. Again, there’s the added frustration of not having a working oven for almost 2 weeks.

Aside from being deprived of major functions, my range annoys me the way a luxury product should not. When the oven is on, the knobs get hot. When some water or sauce spills on the burners, it starts making a terrible clicking noise as it tries to reignite unsuccessfully. You have to then shut off that burner and move to another one.

Basically, I’m telling you not to buy a Blue Star. Would you pay more for a BMW if it broke down before a Saturn?

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