Frozen dumplings are a staple in our freezer. They are quick and easy to heat up for a snack or meal and Lon just loves pork dumplings. Knowing this, my mom recently introduced us to Wei-Chuan Mini Buns. They are delicious for frozen product that you can steam in 10 minutes, and ta-da you have something like a soup dumpling. So far, we’ve tried the Pork and Chinese Spinach flavor and we’ll update as we try the other ones.

I find them flavorful enough to eat on it’s own. Lon likes dumpling dipping sauces. Either way, we really like them and they look really cute, perfect for last minute guests. You can get Wei-Chuan products at most Chinese supermarkets but be warned that it’s easy to eat too many!

Here they are frozen, before steaming. We love bamboo steamers.

Here they are right before I devoured them for lunch.

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