Sushi Yasuda Sushi Yasuda is the best sushi experience I have ever had for so many reasons. Every piece of sushi, every piece of sashimi, the wasabi, Chef Tom, the tea, the atmosphere, everything. After this first visit, I am now forever spoiled and may never be able to eat sushi anywhere else again.
I have spent more on sushi meals at 15 East, Inagiku, and Tomoe. None can compare. The reason I hadn’t come to Sushi Yasuda earlier is because I thought it would be a really expensive meal but I have found that it really doesn’t have to be.

Winnie and I each ordered the Sushi and Sashimi combo. You are given a choice of four pieces of sushi and a choice of 1 roll; an assortment of 3 types of sashimi is chosen for you. On top of that, we asked Tom to give us three pieces of his choice.

The meal starts with a warm towel to clean your hands and a little bit of radish salad. There’s no charge for a wonderful hot green tea, which is replaced throughout the meal to ensure that you’re drinking it hot. They don’t just refill your cup. They take the cooled tea away and give you a fresh hot cup. Winnie and I both chose salad over soup. The ginger dressing was nice and we both liked the tiny, barely visible fish that added crunch to the salad.

Tom placed sashimi down first. In order of my preference: Spanish Mackerel, Blue Fin Tuna, and Fluke. All were better than my previous experiences and I have a new found respect for Spanish Mackerel. Tom advised us not to mix the wasabi into the soy sauce. Instead, you put a bit of wasabi on the fish and then dip in the soy sauce and eat. This made complete sense to me after my first bite. The fresh wasabi was delicious itself, sweet and creamy, I could eat it alone. Stirring it into the soy sauce would clearly mask the freshness of the wasabi and hide some of it’s amazing flavor. Next sushi. I chose salmon, yellowtail, orange clam, and sea scallop. Every piece was amazing and my first taste of orange clam has me hooked. Tom explained how he wanted us to eat the sushi as well. He already put the wasabi in and brushed the top with soy sauce so you should not add anything as you eat it.

Tom chose the next three for us. I ate the oyster first and it was like no other oyster I have ever eaten. It was amazing and I have to have it again!

Then I ate the beautiful mini squid. The presentation enticed the gentlemen next to Winnie and he asked for one.

After a bite, I realized it was filled with a red barbecue-like sauce. The flavor was unique and playful.

The last was sea eel. The sweetness of the soft eel played so nicely with the sea salt. Just delicious.

We each got to choose a roll. I chose Steel Toe Salmon and Winnie chose King Salmon. Tom split them for us so that we each got 3 pieces of each type of salmon roll. There was a clear difference in the two but I’m not really a roll person. I prefer full pieces of fish.

You MUST go to Sushi Yasuda if you want really good sushi. If money is no object, go for the Omakase. I’ve already asked Lon for the Omakase for my birthday. But you can eat there at a reasonable price by ordering the Sushi and Sashimi Combo for about $20.50 and then adding a few things to try some specialties. I suggest letting your chef choose. Your choices for the combo are not off the same list as the a la carte but their “regular” fish is still nothing to sneeze at. I was impressed by every part of this meal and it cost us, in total (except they comped the sea eel), under $40 per person, easily what you could spend at any sushi place. BUT, this is not just any sushi place! Chef Tom, I’ll see you next week.

Update (Feb 29th): I called today to make reservations for the next two Thursdays and they told me that my chef was Mutsuru not Tom (which is what the lady next to me told me). I’ll have to straighten this out next week and make sure I know who my chef is!

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